Aerious was founded in 1991 by Mark S. McNutt and others as an Educational not for profit 501©3 Organization dedicated to helping people and places heal their lives thru empowered conscious healthy living, permaculture, and a greater understanding of metaphysics, or the everyday magick that informs and empowers our lives.

The mental and rational, emotional and intuitive, and the highest spiritual parts of ourselves can be united in this life journey for greater health, wealth, and understanding.

Aerious facilitates educational opportunities thru classes, publications, communications, networking, and experiential opportunities towards an empowered life.

Aerious is currently based at LivingWell Nature Spirit Sanctuary where we recognize and embrace the unseen spirit beings as well as the natural flora and fauna. It is a designated crossroads, portal, and meeting place for spirit where magickal communion is common but not always verbal. We renamed it LivingWell when the second new spring appeared thru devic cooperation to help our land and crops flourish.

LivingWell is an ecological forested learning center for environmentally sane living, moving toward sustainability and incorporating much alternative technology.