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Synthesizing Natural Elements
Happy Chinese, Lunar New Year on the New Moon 2/19 2:36 AM PST
Sun and Moon at 29 degrees, 59 minutes, 34 seconds Aquarius*
Full Moon March 5th, 10:05 AM  PST
Daylight Savings begins for the next 9 months on March 8th, 2 AM in most of US suddenly becomes 3 AM!

* Please read “Cusps” before the rest of this column/blog. The last lunation, this one, and the Solar Eclipse of next month are all affected by being on or near Cusps of Signs.

What a special time of transition! As mentioned in “Cusps” this lunation is special as a hybrid Soli-Lunar situation. This month’s Lunation is technically not on but extremely close to the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. It happens one minute before each enters Pisces. That is why Chinese New Year is so late this year. It may seem like splitting hairs, but having the New Moon at the very end of a sign gives special significance to endings and the composting of old ideas and ideals that are no longer potent or serving us.
What is it that you need to let go of, what no longer serves? What did you believe in or put your energy into that is no longer potent in your life? Much more importantly, what can and do you believe in , what can psychically nourish and refresh you, and how is that changing and evolving? Time to take stock and paying attention give dividends of insight. These are the essay questions that will come to the surface especially over the next month as the Sun embraces and conjuncts Neptune, then Chiron, and then a culmination and release occurs hours before the Spring Equinox, under a Solar Eclipse on the last day of Pisces March 20th. This Eclipse is also specifically at the end of Pisces and for that matter, the whole zodiac, a degree symbolized by  “clear light passing thru a prism breaks into all colors of the spectrum”. Hopefully, that is what it will feel like for you.
This brings critical importance for the need for pre-Spring cleaning and clearing in our endeavors- whatever they are. The art of completion and emptying our vessel so that we can renew fully and powerfully as the new year emerges is essential.  What this means will vary with your own horoscope and situation, because it plays on energies that are already cast into motion.
This is also stimulated by the exact conjunxion of the yin and yang opposites of Venus and Mars at this New Moon time of February. Their yearly conjunxion occurs right at the New Moon as they enter Aries from Pisces together, also on the Cusp and joining the two. (In fact, we move from 5 planets in Pisces to just two over the weekend that follows, so now we are already firing up our social year as of 2/18. Water (emotions, intuition, compassion, and love) is merged with Fire (warmth, enthusiasm, initiative, action) and the propelling and penetrating force is blended with that of love and relationship.  Mars is never really about War but the inevitable conflict of one self acting in their own self interest towards another self, be they people or countries and philosophies. Venus is how we explore relationships and the common ground that we share together. For many,   we would assume that these two forces coming together would be a good and balancing thing, and for many this is true. But it may also be a source of agitation and conflict for those who are already conflicted, bringing the contrast and discomfort to a head.  
A little known experience in Astrology and life is that when Yin and Yang come together, peace and balance can occur. But, it is the irritation and conflict that often makes the pearly and in fact gives us useable energy such as lights and car engines and electrical interaction. Dynamic tension and conflict are obvious features of life and the coming time, but true balance can dissolve as well as utilize and integrate power. As much as we love (and sometimes resent) our relationships, each one can both enhance but also compromise our personal power. Each relationship that we choose is a trade off and we are on the cusp of once again determining if it is worth it. Applying this to your personal life is a matter of your own perspective, and the planets are now implying that a shift in our personal affairs, power, and relationships, is now occurring. This will certainly play out in the coming month and a half.
In other news, Jupiter and Uranus are in Trine in the end of February and the beginning week of March. This could bring an abundance of unexpected opportunities and choices with surprising outcomes. Likely your Sun sign horoscopes in the news media will harp on this point repeatedly, especially if you are a Fire Sign or Aquarius. Those born in the middle of the Fire Signs will especially benefit or at least feel the effects of this one.
Uranus in Square (stressful unforseen bizarre developments) with Pluto continues in the ongoing themes we have experienced over the last four years and thru this year as well. We can expect unexpected agitation, surprising developments, and transformative contradixions to continue this year, coming from left field and with unexpected results and conclusions. The last time that this aspect occurred was in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. There is always a positive undercurrent to these drastic changes- along with WWII and all that was entailed there, the end of alcohol prohibition and beginning of Marijuana prohibition, came the end of the Great Depression and eventual baby boom. Out of the present unrest, graphic beheadings, and mass shootings is also coming the end of Marijuana and Gay Marriage Prohibition, a new look at racism, and heightened attention to Global Climate Change, at least in the effects on weather and wind patterns. More to come here.
Saturn begins its’ yearly Retrograde on the Ides of March, meaning that it is stationary or not moving most of that month. This aspect is much better for background organization and integration rather than taking a bold new action that will change the material plane. At least we should be filling in the blanx in our affairs and adventures, as well as travels, that are looming on the horizon. It is generally a fine time to take a journey, but be careful of deception, pay attention and give attention to what is important.
Stay tuned for next Lunar Month’s 2 Eclipses and the topsy turvy effex of a kaleidoscope of social change. That is why now is the time for composting, completing, and clearing the way for meditating on the dynamic wave, the outpouring of impending Spring.


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Contemplating the Zero Point

When you are on the verge of a great change, the symbolic jumping off of a cliff to embrace the unknown and fly into a new life or to crash while trying, what is on your mind?
Are you thinking of the future, the past, the moment you are in, or even nothing at all?
Are you visualizing the goal, the goal, the journey, the path you are taking, and the uneasy agitation and apprehension of change? Or does it feel like the wind blows in your back and will move you along? Do you second guess your opportunities and where that will lead you? Or, are you afraid of making any choice because to choose is to limit future freedom by commitment? Sometimes people go thru their whole lives avoiding the transformation that comes from committing to something, because choice can close doors to potentials even while it empowers those bold enough to commit. This is the crossroads that we are at today and this plays out in vibrant ways in the month of the Moon of Aries.
Are you centered, grounded, and at peace with the moment and the anticipation of change? That is, even as the cusp of change awaits you, and really nothing more exists in the moment called now.
This is the precipice that we are on and the contemplation of now- with each soul within and around us having their own perception and meaning or interpretation, each based on what we are willing to believe, invest in, and call to be true. With the flow of where we are going being a perch on the branch of the Tree of Now. With the breath and sigh of transformation and awareness that nothing exists  beyond our perceptions of what is possible and can be embraced in the Now of it all. And then you leap out of that branch, that cliffside, and discover the wings you always had. That is this Lunar Month in a McNuttshell.

New Moon Solar Eclipse March 20th 2:36 am PDT end of Pisces
Sun enters Aries March 20th 3:45 pm PDT
Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse April 4th, 5:05 am PDT
(PDT=s Pacific Daylight Time, West Coast US. East Coast is 3 hrs earlier.)

The Astrological Zero Point is the first moment of the Spring Equinox (Fall Equinox in Southern Hemisphere) every year, when the Sun enters Aries. This is not random as the TROPICAL Astrological calendar is based on the seasons, not the constellations, each season heralds the entrance into one of the Cardinal signs, even tho the energy of each season radiates out from mid season, such as Beltane being the embodiment of Spring in mid Taurus times. The Tropical Astrological Calendar is far more accurate than most others in use today.
This time, we are experiencing a rare convergence of the Zero Point with not only a New Moon but also a Solar Eclipse. This is unlikely to be repeated in our lifetimes. A Solar Eclipse is a special New Moon in alignment with Sun and Earth, and this one notably occurs a few hours before the Sun enters Aries at the Zero Point, so it is laced with the completion karma of the previous year, and that is a clue. It is a cusp of beginnings and endings, but if we cannot dream the new, we spin around endlessly in the old paradigm.
The personal meanings here are myriad, depending on your own horoscopic makeup, your choices, tendencies, karma, dharma, and attitude, amongst other things.  Undoubtably, those born around now will experience the greatest surge and nudge into the future, which begins now. If your birthday is late into Pisces and before this Eclipse, then this is a final year of dues paying and you can expect a crazy quilt of unexpected karmic circumstances to unfold in the near future. But know that this kind of birthday is followed the next year by tremendous breakthrus and insights. If your birthday occurs early to mid Aries (up until 4/4), then you will be riding the wave of an unusually and unexpectedly transformative time.
For the rest of us, it is the time to project that cosmic wish list into action and initiative, to light the fire of Springtime in all we do. This time beyond all others may be the opportunity that we have been waiting and preparing for- as long as we refrain from micromanaging the results.
That little caveat is basic to Astrology. The Fire and Air signs flow well with change and the unforseen swirlings of possibilities, while the Water Signs emote and the Earth Signs are making plans and goals, but typically have a harder time with the flow and flexibility that is needed to fully appreciate the magick of manifestation in its’ most raw form. Rigidity can be an undoing now.
All eclipses come in pairs, a Solar and a Lunar, in either order, two weeks apart, at the New Moon and Full Moon. Then this pattern is repeated 6 Lunar moths later, so the next eclipse pair is a response to the pair before it. The pair in the Fall had incredible ramifications on love and relations and these have to do with our personal power and how to use it in consort with others (under the Lunar Eclipse in Libra in two weeks).
Visibility takes a backseat to effect. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t invalidate the strong effect. This Solar Eclipse is over before Sunrise in the US, so not visible here as it  is in Europe. A Solar Eclipse is over in about 5 minutes, while a Lunar Eclipse peaks with the exact time of the Full Moon and goes on for about 5 hours. The Lunar Eclipse of 4/4 can only be seen at night as the Earth’s shadow moves across the face of the Full Moon, darkening the disk. It brings forth he mystery of the divine feminine and a realignment or stimulation of our emotional natures. This one is visible at Moonset all over the US.

What is so special about Eclipses of the Sun and Moon? It is a time when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in a plane of alignment and so strongly affex the bio-electric body grid of any being that is water based, like people, animals, plants, waterways, and so on. It can stimulate and agitate, energize and renew thru change. The Astrologers of old were required to observe and predict these closely, as Rulers who were in power are by definition resistant to change as they want the security of their position and authority. The gravity of now is changing and this is not a good time to hold on to the past and tradition.
Typically, thee is an energetic silence that occurs during the moments of an eclipse, where all of nature moves from stimulation to silence and introspexion. The tide breaks strongly and in new ways.  Uranus’ influence here at the Lunar Eclipse should be filled with surprises and unpredictable change. That is why I advise centering now, so that your impulses when this occurs will be in alignment with your greater intentions and purpose. Mars and Uranus are also occulted during this eclipse day.
The Gods of War and conflict should be having a field day. The rest of us can use this time to turn the tides in our selves, create new dreams and doings, and surprise ourselves and others we love with the amazing potency of new choices made, new journeys taken, new paths to be considered.
In addition, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are all stationing now, meaning that they are not geocentrically observed to be moving and have a pronounced effect regarding opportunities for travel, love, and expansion (Jupiter in Leo); addressing our limitations and planning for our changes (Saturn), and the transformation of the unexpected in our lives thru Pluto (still in that testy square with Uranus, strong this month). So, here is the essay question for the Lunar Month of Aries-
If you were to start anew, have no previous baggage or responsibilities to consider, what would you project your energies into now? What would you choose, who would you be, where would you go, and why? Let the planets provide the how of this on a personal level, but all of us should be entertaining this contemplation at this time.
You are now at the Zero Point, a fresh beginning, contemplating the flight of the future in the present as it passes. Be here now, as the Aries Baba Ram Dass advised us. There is great potency to the Now.

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