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Astrology Monthly Update
— Transiting T Squares and Grand Trines

 Astrology works on many levels and we can peel back the layers to reveal ever-deeper aspects of ourselves and the truth of our being. If you would like to have a more in depth reading of how these and other planetary transits are affecting you, contact me, Mark S. McNutt, for a personal reading.

Good News Bad News, or…
Going with the Flow and Opportunities to Grow
Important Planetary Aspex to Consider

In the “making sense”, that is, making logic, of the swirling kaleidoscope of  major Astrological events, there are two major background patterns that are either already in play or about to come into focus. This is a good news, bad news situation. That is, if we can envision favorable and flowy trines to be good and character building stressful squares to be bad. In fact, the truth lies beyond the veil of our perceptions, but many people are bogged down by the challenges in squares and flow with the grace of trines. But it is way more significant to have many aspex rather than few, and any aspect connex and allows energy to flow somehow.
The so-called :bad news” has already been going on, so let’s start there.

Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn

These two planets of upheaval, evolution, and change, have been going thru a very awkward dance since 2011, and continue to go in and out of contact into9 the Spring of 2015. We have spoken extensively of this challenging opportunity and discordinant aspect before and will again in the future. Because of the elliptical orbit of Pluto, it goes on and on and in and out.
Uranus rolls backwards and on its’ side, providing us with contradixion and even divine electricity thru its’ rebellion, providing the necessary mutancy that allows evolution to occur. Our electrical father in the heavens is the element of surprise, chaos, extremes, non-logic, sudden contradixions and unforeseen outcomes- never what is expected and contra-logical, that is, “not on the list”, so it is ill advised to provide a list of expected effex here.
Pluto, downgraded recently thru the logic of scientific measurement and arbitrary size, continues to influence us and major social, political, environmental, and geological events as the God of the underworld, whether we believe in it or not.
Speaking of belief, I believe that Planets are embodied by living entities, gods if you will, that govern the outpouring of the planet. That is why size is not the ultimate measuring stick. Those of us who have dogs, for example, realize that the spirit of our dog is not dictated by size- little dogs have strong personalities, for example, as do small children, etc.
Pluto has to do with deep change, transformation, the undercurrents, life and death experiences and transitions, eternal movement in extremes.
So, these two together are a nitro-glycerin style combination for extreme and unforeseen chaos and total change. Some of the many numerous recent examples of the outpouring of this stressful relation between these tow in combination include the Arab Spring of two years ago and the resulting revolutions which have produced so little beyond continued violence and lack of resolution, the unexpected secret abuses of the Obama administration including secret drone program and various discriminating probes, the many recent violent storms, including the tornadoes in OK, Hurricane Sandy and many more, the collapse of the bridge  over the Skagit River in WA, the Boston bombing, the multiple violent shootings, bombings, and even hacking with machetes, and…. Do you need to hear more? Aren’t there more of these strange incidents than in the past?
The last time that this particular aspect occurred was in the beginning of WWII.
Here are the dates when Uranus and Pluto were within two degrees of orb and this square had an effect directly-
5/17-6/29/13 and 9/22-12/13/13
3/12-5/24/14, 11/3/14-4/25/15
and most exact and influential around these dates-
6/24/12, 9/20/12, 5/20/13, 11/1/13, 4/21/14, 12/15/14, 3/16/15
Notice how these correspond to major dramatic transformative events, and clip and save for the future dates.
It is extremely rare to have seven exact conjunxions and 4 years of aspex like this.
This one affex us all, especially those who are ruled by these planets, with Sun Moon or Rising in conjunxion with these or in Scorpio or Aquarius. Most of my clients and therefore probably you who are reading this have a strong Uranus in their natal chart. This also particularly influences those born in the beginning of April and beginning of the year. Also, if you are in your mid 20’s Pluto is conjuncting your Neptune now, which means that the dreams you have had in life are undergoing a transformation.
If you are in any of these categories, then it is probably time for a real reading rather than this basic background information.
The Good News-
Grand Trine in Water

While Squares are stressful Astrological aspex, like the stress of violin bow or fingers across a blackboard, while trines are an easy flow. Of course, a planet squares another when it is at right angles and one quarter of a circle away, while a trine is the waltzing circular rhythm of the three, and there are three in a circle, usually in the same element, in this case,. Water.
Water is the flow of emotions, impressions, feeling, intuition, and sharing from the heart.  The mathematical relationship of one planet to another is often more pertinent than the sign, house, or direxions of movement.
We are now moving into a compound series of positive flow thru several Grand Trines in Water, as slow moving Saturn and Neptune, both of who are about to change direxions (i.e., stationary, and therefore more long winded and influential), are already in trine with each other- Neptune in its home sign of Pisces (see previous columns on Neptune), and Saturn is in Scorpio.
The Grand Trine is formed in the transits of the planets when a third planet goes into Cancer and completes the triangle, strengthening all of its points(especially if you believe in midpoints!). This is not one event but many, as , in order, the following planets enter Cancer- Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, and the Moon at times. Notice that this is every planet that is not Uranus Square Pluto! Also note that immediately after each planet is in the Grand Trine, it then moves on into a T Square or three pointed square with the Uranus Square Pluto just mentioned. More on that next month.
Those born with strong influences in the first decan of Water Signs (i.e., the first ten days if Sun, the first ten degrees 9if something else), will be most affected by this and can use this emotional flow to move a lot of personal energy in their lives. Saturn has to do with practical matters and earth plane issues, such as commitment over time, job or career, livelihood, and definition of time and space including legal issues and all forms of physical structure.
Neptune has to do with the extremely almost opposite sphere of dreaming and creative visualization, belief, soul knowing, the non-linear and intuitive, the psychic and emotions of the soul. Together, these two planets can flow with strong dreams and determined efforts that can make great change at this time, and in the recent previous occasions that they were also recently in Trine to each other (see previous columns). They only get together every 20 years or so, so this is of great potential benefit. Mostly if you can axess the Water Element harmoniously, tho. Also, the dark side of this is a determination to embrace an illusion, which is why the Square of Uranus and Pluto is also an essential ingredient, like oil and vinegar. So, shake it up!
Many planets are about to transit or move thru Cancer, completing the Grand Trine in emotional, intuitive, and family friendly Water Signs, culminating around 7/22. Some of us fishy types thrive in watery environments, where mentally focused air and action oriented Fire Signs get bogged down in the fog and steam of the compassion of the heart and emotional roller coaster that we call life and from which we learn the most. We learn not thru our accomplishments and doings, or thru ideas and a clever mind, or thru action but thru the compassion and introspexion of integrating our feelings. That is what Soul Growth is.
Jupiter is the slowest moving of these planets so it has the longest contact and effect. (See dates). This happy planet is exalted here and can provide opportunities and beneficial results of the dreaming and doing combination of Neptune and Saturn, and all of these merge home and family, emotional connexion, healing and feeling in a way that could be very spiritually uplifting and nurturing as well.
Positive insight thru emotional flow and expression meets the results of dreaming our doing, becomes fully connected at the following times thru the following contacts of these planets in Cancer-

Mercury (6/2-5)- heartfelt mind and communication
Venus (6/5-9)- social life and interaction, love
Moon (6/9-10)- emotional renewal
Then, there is a space where the Grand trine is not completed in Cancer in the transits, yet Mercury and Venus are still in this sign so the flow continues. This time is 6/11-22 and again 6/29-7/7. Then-
Jupiter enters Cancer 6/26, In the Grand Trine 7/8-28, bringing positive abundance thru home, heart, and hearth, or even travel and opportunity.
Jupiter is joined by Mars in Cancer, joining the Grand Trine 7/17-22, giving rise to action.
This peaks around 7/22 when Mars conjunx Jupiter and these planets are in their closest relationship of orb. This is also the heart of the “Heart Centered Yantra” spoken of in some circles.

There is also a complicated scenario that affex each person individually, and then each of these connexions then go on to briefly embrace the T Square effect with the moving and shaking of Uranus Square Pluto.
So, these are the basic ingredients in the cake of summer sweetness and other manifestations, but of course, there is a lot more and this is the simple version. The power of these unique and extreme aspex and times should not be ignored, but utilized for our soul’s progress and transformation. It’s all personal.
In joy the ride!

Mark S. McNutt has been practicing and teaching Astrology since becoming professionally certified in 1972, after being a young prodigy in these arts. Mark is available for personal readings and tutoring by phone, mail, or in person. He is also available  for group classes and presentations by arrangement. Mark is also a non-trance Channel, Reiki Master, Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner, Shamanic Guide,  and has an active interest in sacred places, ritual, and music. He can be reached at 541-964-5341.
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