Planets, Briefly
thru Mark S. McNutt ©2013

The planets are living embodiments of  archetypal attributes in Astrology and beyond. Both the months and the days of the week are inspired by the planets and signs. A brief interpretation follows-

Sun- Inner self, prana energy, joy of life, shining and full, creativity
            Dark Side= depletion and burnout
Moon- Moods, emotions, feelings, impressions gut, food and nurturing
            DS= Overly emotional, smothering
Mercury- Intellect and mental aspex in swift movement, verbal and interactive
            DS= Overly mental and removed from feelings
Venus- Love, attraxion, relationship, harmony and balance, sensuality, Yin
            DS= sensually self indulgent, seductive and selfish
Mars- Motivation, chutzpah, aggression, Yang, raw power, impatience
            DS= Conflict and war
Jupiter- Generous, jovial, large, expansive, fortune, spiritual and philosophical
            DS= Excess of above, inability to walk the talk
Saturn- Discipline, constrixion, boundaries, form, society, politix, law, time, serious
DS= Oppression and control freak
Uranus- Exentric and unusual, maverick, rebellious, surprise and serendipity, electrical and inconsistent contradixion
            DS= blind and destructive rebellion
Neptune- Dreamer, nebulous and ethereal, dreams and fantasy, illusions, other worlds
            DS= Illusions and disillusions, depression, addixions
Pluto- Underworld death, transformation, inner depths resources
            DS= Destruxion, death mayhem

Then there are the Major Asteroids-
Chiron- Wounded healer instruxions, teaching and learning
Ceres- (Demeter) the Great Mother, productivity and nurturing
Pallas- (Athena)- Mind born wisdom, independence, cleverness and self reliance
Juno- (Hera)- the Great Goddess, feminine wisdom and guidance, dynamic
Vesta- (Hestia)- Dedicated and one pointed, commitment, purity, flame keeper