Tarot Major Arcana (thru Mark S. McNutt)

0. The Fool- (Air) There are 2 modes of the Fool-the zero point, beginning, innocence, journey, beginning, folly, and discovery.
And- It is the 22nd of the Major Arcana- Coming full circle, enlightenment, surrender to fullness and the wisdom of completion
Dark Side- foolishness, ignorance, divine madness

I. Magician (Mercury) Mastery of words or metaphysics, shamanic power and use, intelligence and problem solving
DS= the clever mind hiding behind intellect and words, or knowledge, deception and manipulation masking as mastery

II. High Priestess (Moon) Feminine power and attainment, soul wisdom, spiritual knowing and feeling, the wise womyn
DS= Controlling thru emotions

III. Empress (Venus) The power of beauty and attraxion, feminine power, seduxion and the ability to attract and include, sensuality and the indulgence of Venus, Fertility
DS= Fem fatale, selfish indulgence, manipulation and undirected confused sensuality

IV. Emperor (Aries) Yang or male creative and guiding energy and power lord of the manor, wise ruler, authority and management
DS= controlling male power, overbearing authority, macho

V. Hierophant (Pope) (Taurus) Hierarchy, structure, rules and controls, tribal agreements, defining patterns with overview, link between mind and Higher Self
DS= controlling and rigid, blinded by method, unable to evolve

VI. Lovers (or Twins) (Gemini) Not about lovers but about uniting duality and the union of light and dark loving ourselves and our facets
DS= Spinning wheels of indecision contradixion and inability to connect

VII. Chariot (Cancer) Self containment within movement, inner stillness, on a mission but remaining centered
DS= Disconnected action divorced from the rest of the environment, inability to center

VIII. (Note- some decks reverse Cards #8 and #11, as we are here)
Adjustment (Justice) (Libra) Balance and fairness, adjustment and compromise, doing the correct thing
DS= indecision and sitting on the fence

IX. Hermit (Virgo) The seed of potential is nurtured and made powerful by singular internalized intention and commitment
DS= withdrawal and the inability to connect with others socially and emotionally

X. Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter) Changing fortune, ups and downs, good luck opportunity
DS= resistance to change or playing out your hand, stopping the flow

XI. Strength, or Lust (Leo) Believing in yourself, your strength and power. Lust is to enjoy what you do and find love and pleasure in all things you do,  power of joy and life
DS= Fun and attainment but at the expense of others, ignoring and lacking compassion

XII. Hanged One (Water) Contemplation, waiting for insights, a time of rest within movement, stillness and limbo but without pain
DS= hanging out, undirected energy, refusal to take appropriate action

XII. Death (Scorpio) Death, rebirth, transformation, shedding old skins and ways
DS= death and dissolution

XIV. Art, or Alchemy (Sagittarius) Unifying or blending opposites and unlikes for suxess hybrid plans and solutions, balancing power and potential within thru honesty and blending
DS= the contradixions of opposites dissolve power and render it impotent

XV. Devil (Capricorn) Controlling earth energy and anxient power, rooting with the Earth
DS= manipulation of Earth and counter- evolution

XVI. Tower (Mars or Uranus) Unpredictable chaos and change that destroys existing structures chaos as transformer
DS= destruxion for its own sake, blind rebellion, undoing

XVII. Star (Aquarius) Higher self, gifts and connexion from afar, collective overview
DS= disconnect from Earth, overly idealistic

XVIII. Moon (Pisces) Dark night of the soul, the need to internalize, the underworld, inner journey, emotional insight and integrating lessons of the soul
DS= illusion, deception, and despondent depression

XIX. Sun (Sun) Happiness joy, fun, children and childlike, innocence and play
DS= Peter Pan syndrome, ignoring responsibility and balance, eclipse

XX. Judgment, or the Aeon (Fire) Coming full circle karma and repercussions, tying together loose ends. The king is dead, long live the king! Transition into a new world not fully formed yet
DS= incompletion and unknowing, being between the worlds of old and new

XXI. The Universe  (World) (Earth, Saturn) Full circle completion, power from greater connexion, worldly attainments and accolades
DS= hiding behind lesser power of tribe and shortcomings refusal to go higher or evolve