Shamanic Training

A Shaman can be described as “one who communes with the spirits.”
Aerious provides training and insights into the unseen world that we have all felt, sensed, or otherwise encountered, that is responsible for the manifest world. 
Become aware of the Vital Life Force that dwells in all things and the all- pervading Divine sentience that gives rise to the manifest world

We offer highly individualized tutoring based on decades of personal growth, integrated studies of books and understanding, applied practice in a broad range of real life applications, and awareness of the three fold nature of the soul and how to navigate your divergent selves for empowered living. We offer both group and individual training, classes and weekends for focusing your power and magick for mastery of everyday practical living, including  protection, projection, and self maintenance, perhaps the most important aspect of this work.
Individual training is available by arrangement.

Our workshop, Manifesting Magic, provides an introduction to the basic tools needed for all shamanic work. This a working knowledge and practical understanding of how our three energy bodies operate and their need to co-operate together for satisfying success in any field of life.