What is the Triple Flame?

The Triple Flame is our name for the unification of our three souls. We have three distinct souls that can act on their own or together, and can unify our being or stimulate conflicts that all of us face every day. Understanding these selves, their funxions, and attributes, thru awareness and exercises, is the key- the only key- to self mastery. All paths to enlightenment are also a unification of the Triple Flame. This is not new, and we are not unique in this knowledge, described and available in all esoteric and some open traditions the world over. What we offer of our own is techniques toward mastery and aids for clarification and unity that can be life changing. Ultimately, Mastery exists in a moment and can be extended to a lifetime. But we have to remember our selves and love all of who we are.
Text Box:  We hope you can join us in the study of the Triple Flame. We are co-creating a guidebook, on line classes, and are offering weekend shamanic worxiops on this and other areas, as well as introductory seminars that are both playful and transformative. Come join us!