Healing Arts

The laying of hands is surely the oldest most available healing form available to life. The transference of love and kindness with subtle life force through touch is the most natural response to another’s distress. We all know how good our mother’s touch can feel or that of a friend.
Reiki simply adds depth to this touch by way of initiations that allow the individual to potentize his/her effectiveness. If we think of energy flowing like water, Reiki turns on the faucet.

Vibrational Remedies
Richard Bach is famous for having developed flower essences. Thru him  they be became a popular and accessible healing form. Using the same concept employed in making flower essences we are now able to produce essences from a broader range of sources without using actual plant parts.
These Vibrational remedies effect the subtle body, bringing the desired changes to the spiritual, emotional and mental fields. Taking care of ourselves at this level of being allows for more effective healing of the physical body.

Aerious provides initiation and guidance into the process of creating Vibrational Remedies.