Fire Walk

Walking across fire in the form of glowing hot coals or red hot lava beds is an ancient practice. In his book “the Secret Science Of Miracles”, Max Freedom Long speaks about the art of fire walking as an age old spiritual practice.
The practice of walking on Fire as a modern day growth work technique began to evolve………. years ago.

Aerious has hosted fire walks since 1995.

Fire walking brings one into ones presence.
It is an opportunity to face ones fears, judgments, insecurities, doubts, and to go beyond these things, stepping into the fullness of your being.

In preparation for the walk we begin with a seminar of self-enquiry, group trust and confidence building activities, building a safe and cohesive environment. This preparation is essential for your authentic self to be able to feel the call of the fire when it invites you to cross the coals. (This is very different than walking from a place of ego and bravado.)

Mary and Mark McNutt are currently leading Firewalks for Aerious.
Mary has a long background in self inquiry/spiritual training. Mark S.McNutt has strong connection to the woods and firefighter training.
Together they make a powerful team in leading people safely across the coals to a life of greater fulfillment.

Happy Feet the Day After.