Eco Building

Eco, short for Ecological, means building with natural materials that are sourced as locally as possible. In the big picture, this is more economical, especially for the Earth itself.  Aerious has experience with the materials available for use in the Pacific North West, wood, straw, clay and recycling.

Aerious holds classes in a two storey, 2,000 sqare foot octaganal straw bale house. Oh so cozy in the winter with just one wood fired stove and blessedly cool in the heat of the summer.

Apprentices have the opportunity for hands on building experience with: Earthen plasters and the use of cob for remedial renovations.

Trees of appropriate sizes for specific applications are selectively harvested and “skinned” for creating pole structures.

A deteriorated  wooden yurt has been renovated to become a delightful guest cabin.