Your Hosts and Facilitators…

Mark S. McNutt
Mark took up Astrology and other magickal and divinatory pursuits, and has been practicing, writing,  and teaching steadily since 1972. Mark moved to Oregon to balance his sky knowledge with the earth balance of homesteading and earthly living skills. He has been guiding and stewarding LivingWell since purchasing the land from a church in 1984. He founded Aerious in 1991 as an educational umbrella for sharing the balance of Earth and Sky, providing learning opportunities and some small grants to nurture this wavelength.
Mark became a Reiki Master and a Vibrational Essence practitioner in 1994, the same year he co-created Astro*Runes, and has been presenting worxiops and gatherings at LivingWell since that time.  He is also a ritual leader and popular drummer for other larger events that share a spirit focus, especially thru the lens of Faerie and Green Path.
Mark spent the 1980’s mostly doing woodswork and firefighting, until living in the Red Zone of Mt. St. Helens for 7 weeks stimulated a spirit breakthru that realigned him with his present path.
Mark offers individual readings thru Astrology, Tarot, Astro*Runes©, etc. He also teaches classes and presentations in these, plus Shamanic areas, Triple Flame Empowerment, Shamanic Healing Arts, and Wholistic Ecology.

Mary McNutt
Mary is a renaissance woman, who has developed her own wholistic approach to life. A natural teacher, she loves to encourage others to embrace their own unique self empowered independence.
She was born in England and moved to Sydney Australia as a child. Her lifelong path of learning and sharing thru Yoga, Shiatsu Massage, Macrobiotic and Vegan Healing Dietary knowledge, Body Awareness, Self Inquiry, Triple Flame Empowerment, Reiki, Exodus, and many other related healing modalities, continues to grow and evolve. She has many other talents and is widely known as a festival and gathering head cook and circle leader, as well as a fine artist, herbalist, textile artist (including tailoring), and much more.
In 2000-1 Mary completed Permaculture Intensive and Teacher Training.
In 2009 her Yoga practice was re-inspired by Anusara Yoga and she has recently completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Freedom Yoga Studio.
Mary currently offers Heart Centered Yoga classes with a strong emphasis on posture and alignment.
 She also volunteers at the local school teaching children to play the recorder and percussion.


Mark and Mary have been sharing life, healing, and teaching together at LivingWell and far beyond since 1992 (in this lifetime). This includes Apprenticeships in Permaculture living, Triple Flame Empowerment, Firewalks, Gatherings, Music, Ecobuilding, and much more.