Heather Hutton

Heather lives in the Rogue Valley and is an active participant in the musical arts, education and healing. In addition to being a singer, songwriter and violinist. Heather also teaches privately as well as in Waldorf and public schools. She calls herself a "bridger" and "weaver" and enjoys working and playing in a variety of environments-helping us all find connections to ourselves, Spirit and each other through song, movement and words.

Unified Voice

Discover more of who you truly are and express it! In this Unified Voice-Work experience, we will become more aware of any physical tensions, fears or beliefs that may be constricting our vocal expression- whether it's our singing, speaking or overall "BE-ing". Through a variety of activities including movement, songs and toning; you will receive support and assistance to embody what is naturally you and shedding what is not.