More on Shamanic Lifeskills and manifesting magic

Shamanic Lifeskills is an extremely powerful modality for self-empowerment and success that was developed over decades by Mark S. McNutt to produce positive and substantial results in life. The original form, which was a cornucopia of techniques, was greatly embellished by Mary’s addition of focusing on the importance of the essential cooperation of the emotional body, and how to learn to listen to that primary magickal messenger who usually governs our lives anyway. While Mark has been utilizing Astrology and professionally applying it to thousands of clients lives with great results, it became apparent that there is great apparatus in that art/science for understanding emotions, but that the intellect can avoid resolution thru cleverness, and evolution is a choice dictated by the emotions, not the higher or middle self for the most part. Also, it became evident in healing work that changes occur only when the emotional body cooperates, for example, in changing addictive habits and generations of programming.

The basis for Shamanic Lifeskills is this: we have 3 souls, not one, within our being. When all three are identified and unified, then we can make profound changes in life. The intellect sees itself as being in charge, but anyone who meditates knows that the purpose of meditation is to calm the mind so we can listen to the Spirit. The intellect can never find, describe, or feel the Godsource, and is generally under the illusion that the rational is in charge. The emotional body, home to all memory, conditioning, habits, genetic history and beliefs, psychic abilities, dreams, and a lot more, is the messenger to our higher Spirit self, which communicates thru this aspect or soul. When the emotions don’t cooperate then the communion breaks down. When the intellect integrates the emotions, then the path becomes clear, as the Higher self is always ready to help us. Prayer is sent and received thru a webworm of the Astral, and never from the intellect. This is why Spirituality and Magick are not a part of the rational consciousness.

This has been an esoteric teaching in most cultures since before time, and only lately have we been so culturally programmed that we underestimate the importance of the Dream body and emotions, and give our power to the limitations of form. Form is a manifestation of Spirit, not the opposite.

Every practice from Alchemy to Reiki is based on this. The Alchemists and later Theosophy pointed to the Triple Flame, the Hawaiian Kahuna is based on this, as is the MerKaBa body of Egyptians, and so on. We have read thru many books on Reiki as long time Reiki Masters, and they all attempt to explain this wonderful modality to the intellect, which does little beyond introducing the concept. There are 3 degrees of Reiki because the first empowers the emotional/dream/soul, the second empowers the conscious mind, and the third degree connects to Godsource, which then taps into all other Ascended light beings and helpers. Meditation is designed to get the intellect out of the way so that the Emotional body can listen to Godsource. Your progress in this lifetime is not how much your mind grows, but in how far your emotions evolve and problem solve, and wherever you get to when you die, that is where you are in the afterlife. If this isn’t resonating with you by now, it is because of a strong intellect, which is servant, not master, and is not ready yet to receive this insight.

Shamanic Lifeskills is presented several times a year and is an ever-evolving range of tools for energy awareness and sensitivity designed to help you navigate everyday life, particularly with people and situations that don’t believe in all of this. Each weekend is designed and modified according to the needs of the participants, and evolving constantly. Thru this, you will learn when to shine your light and when to be “the droids they aren’t looking for”, how to eliminate obstacles and attain your goals, and empowerment and healing techniques that you can use forever (you continue to learn after you leave), all in a supportive and loving community environment. We end the weekend with healing arts, and make sure thru food, method, and intention, to send you home more grounded than you came, after being more expanded than your mind can imagine.

Please pre-register soon at 541-964-5341, to expand your personal toolbox and better live your dreams!

Shamanic Lifeskills group in Olympia, Washington, 2007