Earth and Sky Summer Gathering

Each year in August we gather at the home of Aerious, LivingWell Nature Spirit Sanctuary. Together we journey thru various modalities of healing and personal growth in a fun and enjoyable context, pushing our edges, discovering new traits and expanding our potential to live a full hearted life.
New friends are made, new abilities discovered and fresh awakenings into ourselves.

Check out our 2013 gathering:
Earth & Sky

 $144 - $195 sliding plus organic food donation.
All costs included. Enquire about carpool discounts
Please pre-register: 541 964 5341
Living Well Nature Spirit Sanctuary,
Deadwood, Oregon Coast Range

Archetypes, Come Play with Us! 
Archetypes are energy patterns that reside and resonate in all humans. They are inherited and are often unconscious yet still affect us profoundly. In the individual person, archetypes are the structures through which the mythic dimensions of YOU play out. They occur in every culture, with different names, but similar energies.  Archetypes such as the Fool, the King, the Great Mother, the Priest/ess and the Magician are seen in cultures across time. They assist us in engaging our lives from a much larger and soul-enhanced perspective than our ordinary view of the self. At the Gathering we will explore, experiment and dance with archetypes.  Join us in the Dance!